Full Revaluation of all Property in the Town of Dane to be Done This Summer

The Town of Dane has contracted with Equity Appraisal LLC to do a revaluation of all property in the Town. A complete exterior inspection of all property in the Town of Dane will be done between June 1 and August 1. Assessors will not ask to enter any homes, but may pull into driveways and may be checking the exterior of structures. The assessors are Steve Mahlik and Dave Toennies. They will be driving a 2006 black Honda Ridgeline or a 2014 red Acura RDX. All vehicles will be clearly marked “Equity Appraisals”. If you have any questions, please call 608-826-0009.

When a municipality completes a revaluation, all taxable property is reviewed, with assessed values updated to current full value (i.e. fair market value). State law (sec. 70.32, Wis. Stats.) requires assessments based on actual view, or the best information available. Assessments must be within 10 percent of full value once every five years (sec. 70.05, Wis. Stats.).  The Town of Dane has not had a full revaluation of all property since tax year 2008.

Following the revaluation process, Open Book and Board of Review will be scheduled.

Wisconsin Department of Revenue 2021 Property Assessment Information FAQ: 2021-Property-Assessment-Information