Nov 3 Election Information: Early voting starts Oct. 20, in-person voter registration also available

In-person absentee (early) voting is October 20- November 1, curbside voting will be available. Photo ID required to vote.

In person voter registration with proper Proof of Residence is October 20-30. Must have lived in the Town of Dane since at least October 6, 2020. Both are by appointment only, call 608-575-3365 to schedule.

All current health and safety guidelines will be followed. Please wear your mask.

If you wish to vote by mail, please request your ballot at myvote.wi,gov. To insure enough time to receive it and return it by Nov. 3, please make your request by Oct. 20.

If you have already received a mail-in ballot, please return it as soon as possible, Oct 27 is the last practical date to mail your ballot to arrive by Election Day.

November 3, Election Day:
Polls will be open from 7 AM to 8 PM. All current health and safety guidelines will be followed. Please wear your mask. Due to social distancing requirements we will be limiting the number of voters in the Town Hall at the same time. You may be asked to remain in your car until called. Photo ID required, please have it out and ready.

All voting and registration is at the Dane Town Hall, 213 W. Main St., Dane WI 53529.

**New: Rides to the polls on Election Day Nov. 3 are available! Call Myron at 608-516-5682 to schedule.

For more Election Information see: 

November 3, 2020 General Election Information and Dates

All voting is at the the Dane Town Hall, 213 W. Main St., Dane WI 53529
Photo ID required to vote in-person absentee and on Election Day.
All current guidelines for health and safety will be followed.
Polls will be open from 7 AM to 8 PM on November 3.


Absentee Voting Information and Dates to Remember:

  • September 1, 2020: The Wisconsin Elections Commission will mail absentee ballot information and applications to all registered voters without a current request on file as of June 30.
  • September 17: Absentee ballots will be mailed to all Town of Dane voters with a current absentee ballot application on file.
  • September 20 to November 2, 2020: Absentee Ballot Drop Box available at 7562 Fellows Road, Lodi WI 53555 (On porch) Town of Dane residents ONLY
  • October 19: the last realistic date to request an absentee ballot be mailed to you. Request an absentee ballot online at If not previously provided, you will have to upload a copy of your photo ID.
  • October 27: the last realistic date to mail back your absentee ballot.
  • You must provide a copy of your photo ID when requesting an absentee ballot be mailed to you, if not already on file.
  • For more information or assistance or help copying your photo ID for upload, call the Town of Dane Clerk at 608-575-3365.
  • October 20 to November 1: in-person absentee voting, with curbside voting available. By appointment only, call 608-575-3365 for an appointment. All health and safety rules will be followed.
  • All absentee voting is at the Dane Town Hall, 213 W. Main Street, Dane WI 53529.

Voter Registration Information and Dates to Remember:

  • Check or update your voter registration at
  • October 14, 2020: last date to register to vote online at with a current and valid Wisconsin Driver’s License with current address. Or by mail with proper POR.
  • Voters must have resided at their current address for 28 consecutive days prior to Election Day in order to register at that address. (October 6, 2020 for November 3, 2020)
  • Proof of Residence must accompany a mailed Voter Registration Form.
  • October 15-30: You may register to vote in person by appointment only. Call 608-575-3365 to schedule.
  • For complete election information and forms for download go to the Town of Dane Elections Page:



Dane County Sheriff’s Office Reminder: Be extra vigilant about locking homes, garages and vehicles.

Citizens should be extra vigilant about locking their homes, garages and vehicles and all entrance doors to homes and garages. Do not leave vehicles unlocked with garage door openers in them or with any valuables in plain site. Most burglaries are when vehicles, homes, garages, and businesses leave a door unlocked. These are some of the easiest crimes to prevent with a little vigilance on the part of everyone.  Be watchful of activity in your neighborhood and report anything suspicious to law enforcement immediately.

Dane County Sheriff’s Office Press Release: Press release: Burglaries and Stolen Vehicles

You can Help Keep our Town Roads Beautiful!

The Town of Dane has joined the State of Wisconsin DOT Adopt-a-Highway Program to help keep our town roads beautiful!  An individual, family or group can sponsor a 2-mile segment of a road in the Town of Dane, and will be responsible for picking up litter on the segment at least 3 times a year between April 1 and November 1.  No fee is charged for the program.  For much more information please see “Town of Dane Adopt-a-Road” under “Community” on our web site To join contact the Town Chair ([email protected]).

Save the Milkweed, Save the Monarchs!

Help save the monarch butterfly by not mowing or spraying the milkweed! Milkweed is the only plant where monarchs lay their eggs.  Please read the letter to our residents from the Butterfly Ambassadors, 3rd Grade students at Prairie Elementary in Waunakee:

Milkweed and Monarchs

The Town of Dane is looking for pictures for our Image Gallery

The Town of Dane is looking for pictures for the Image Gallery on the Town web site:

  • We are interested in good pictures that you have taken in the Town: wildlife, farms, flowers, landscapes etc.  We would also love to have old pictures of the “early days” in the Town of Dane.
  • You can email pictures to Kendra ([email protected]) or contact her for more information. If you have any pictures that need to be scanned, please contact Kendra for details.
  • Contemporary pictures should be about 0.5 to 1 MB in size or at least 1200-1600 pixels wide, although we can work with smaller images.
  • Please limit locations to the Town of Dane and include where the picture was taken. For old pictures size does not matter, but please include a description of where/who/when if possible.
  • We will never use your full name or any contact information on the web site.

The Town of Dane Transfer of Development Rights Program

Ordinance # 2016-12-01

The Town of Dane Transfer of Development Rights Program

Limited Transfers Between Parcels Allowed: Transfers of permitted dwelling units between any two or more contiguous or non-contiguous Agricultural Preservation Area parcels within the Town of Dane may be allowed. Most of the following conditions should be met for the transfer to be allowed:

a.  The parcel to which the dwelling units are to be transferred should be generally less suitable for agricultural use than the parcel(s) from which the dwelling units are to be transferred, AND

b.  The overall development density of the parcel to which the dwelling units are to be transferred shall not, following the transfer, exceed four dwelling units per 35 acres. AND

c.  The parcel(s) from which the dwelling units are proposed to be transferred (sending area) must clearly have a sufficient number of dwelling units left to transfer under the Town’s density policy, AND

d.  Prior to the rezoning becoming effective, all deed restrictions and easements must be added to the deeds of all affected parcels (including appropriate June 28, 1979 parcels) restricting further development to the extent that fair application of the Town density policy suggests, AND

e.  The Town shall utilize The Dane County TDR ordinance zoning districts TDR-S (DCCO 10.158) & TDR-R  (DCCO 10.159) to implement Town TDR Policy

f.   The Town shall notify all owners of property adjacent to or across a public street from the parcel to which the dwelling units are to be transferred of a public hearing on the proposal at the Town level.

g.  No Ratios: At no time will the Town of Dane Transfer of Development Rights Program increase the total number of housing rights from the number originally available as of June 28, 1979.