Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do in an Emergency?

Always call 911 First!

How should I report Dangerous Road Conditions (downed trees blocking roads or impassable roads)?

Call 911 to report, and Town officials will be notified. For other road concerns use the “Contact Us” button on the upper right of the Home Page.

How do I know if I live in the Town of Dane?

Check your address in Access Dane: Or check the Town of Dane map under the “Community” tab

Note: The Village of Dane is a separate Municipality. Check Access Dane or this map Village of Dane Map for your location if you are unsure. The Village can be contacted at 849-5422 or

When does the Town Board meet?

The Town Board  regular meetings are usually on the first Monday of the month at 6:30 pm in the Town Hall at 213 W. Main Street, Dane. Check the calendar for the exact date and time, and for other meetings of the Town. To get on the Agenda, contact the Town Chair or Town Clerk (see Directory under Departments) at least one week before the meeting.

Where do I take my recyclables and trash?

The Town Recycling and disposal site is at 6457 Hyslop Road.  It is open from 8:00 AM to noon year round. A spring Clean-up Day is held once a year. Check the calendar for Clean-up Day date and additional summer hours. See the recycling page for additional information.

How do I sign up for Town of Dane Updates?

How do I contact the Town?

Use the “Contact Us” button on the upper right of the Home Page ( or call the Town Clerk, Angie Volkman at 608-575-3365 (email to [email protected]).
The answering machine in the Town Hall is not monitored every day.

Brush or trash burning questions

Burn notification form at:Dane Fire Burn Notification
Contact Dane Fire Department at 608-849-4211 for more information
Check the DNR web site at

How do I find out my Property Assessment?

Attend Open Book in the spring (Check the Calendar for the date or contact the Clerk).
Contact the Town Assessor (see contact information under “Departments”)

What are the Board of Review Procedures?

See: BOR General Procedures
Check the Calendar for the Board of Review meeting date in the Spring or contact the Clerk for more information.

When do I need a building permit?

See: Town of Dane Zoning and Building Permit Requirements
*Note: You will first need a Dane County Zoning Permit and (if applicable) a Town of Dane Driveway Permit
See also: Town of Dane Building Permit Fee Schedule 6_11_18

When do I need a zoning permit?

Dane County Planning and Development Zoning Permit Rules

How do I get a zoning permit?

See: Dane County Zoning Permit and Information and contact Dane County Zoning at 608-266-4266

How do I get a building permit or inspection?

Contact the Building Inspector Safebuilt Inspection Line at 608-688-0997, or Building Inspector Roger Schrader ([email protected]), 414-639-6314

Where do I find well and septic information?  What do I need to know?

Dane County Public Health Septic Information at
Dane County Public Health Well Information at:

How wide is the Town Road Right of Way?

The width of the road Right of Way by Wisconsin Law is presumed to be 66 feet (when no government acquisition records exist).
See More Right of Way Information on the Zoning, Building and Property Page under Departments: Town of Dane Zoning, Building and Property

Who is responsible for trees, brush and other vegetation in the right-of way?

The Town is responsible for removal of trees, brush, and other vegetation in the right of way (which may include crops approaching the Town roads), in order to keep the roads safe for travel (WI Stat 82.03 and 893.83). Note: if any tree falls from adjacent land into any road right-of-way, the owner or occupant of the land shall immediately remove the tree from the road right-of-way. If the property owner following notice from the Town does not remove the tree, the Town may remove any fallen tree or trees therein and charge the cost to the property owner (WI Stat 66.0627).

How do I get a dog license?

Download the Dog License Form from the Dog License Information Page: Dog License Information  or contact the Town Treasurer, Jana Nolden at [email protected], 608-438-0056.

What fees and taxes does Town of Dane collect?

The Town of Dane collects property taxes, portions of which go to The Town of Dane, your specific school district, Madison Area Technical College and a small portion to Dane County and the State of Wisconsin.

Where do I vote?

Voting on election days takes place at the Dane Town Hall, 213 W. Main Street, Dane.  Voting hours are 7 AM to 8 PM. Check the calendar for the election dates.

How do I vote absentee?

Contact the Town Clerk for an appointment during the early voting period: Angela Volkman at [email protected], 608-575-3365.  In-person absentee (early) voting dates are posted on the calendar for each election, by appointment only. Or go to My Vote Wisconsin to request an absentee ballot online.   Or you may download the absentee ballot request form and mail it with a copy of your photo ID (WI Driver’s License, U.S. Passport or other document as allowed) to: Town of Dane Clerk, 7003 Lavina Rd, Dane WI 53529.  See “Elections Information” page for more information. All absentee ballot requests require a copy of your photo ID unless already on file.

Where do I find Wisconsin Voting Information?

Go to: State of Wisconsin Voter Information

Where do I obtain a hunting license?

Wisconsin DNR at

Where do I apply for a Wisconsin Drivers License?

Wisconsin DOT see

Where do I register a vehicle?

Wisconsin DOT see